Jungalow Style

StellaJane Interiors is a big fan of the Jungalow Style of Interior Designer Justina Blakeney.

In an interview by LA based writer Laura Lambert; Justina describes her style as “Color, pattern, and plants are at the core of what it is that defines my style.”

Photo credit: Dabito

Justina interprets individual style and how it influences our living spaces in our home as

“For me, creating a home isn’t about wealth, it’s about creativity and being able to tap into your own personal taste and your own vibe. It’s the home that lights you up and supports you and your family and your dreams and how you want to be.”

Bring the outdoors in with plants and pots and textures. Mix your colour pallets and patterns, work what you love and you will be amazed at how it all fits together and creates a unique style and visual statement that reflects back all the colour and the living and the being that is truely you.

StellaJane Interiors embraces raw and natural materials with the fine and detailed craftsmanship that creates wonderful pieces. We love to offer products that have been inspired by nature and tradition and global ethnic design. Add a touch of gold or silver and we take this bohemian junglow style into hollywood.

We have just uploaded  great products that we think fit right into Junglow style.


Design your own furniture

Looking for like-minded businesses.

Big brands do not apply.

Who you are? You are not mainstream. You have vision. You have style. You have ideas. You make things happen.

What’s your business? Gallery style home-wares, Property Styling, Stylist, Furniture Store, Interior Designer, Renovator, New restaurant, new hotel

OR you are looking for a special piece.

We are searching for like-minded brands and businesses to seek and find and make exclusive products and furniture for. We can help you design your own furniture range.

Consistently ahead of trends StellaJane Interiors applies refined aesthetic, functionality and quality in the sourcing and producing of new product.

In this competitive market, it’s about being nimble in an ever changing environment and finding those core items, products and materials that people want again and again.

It’s really difficult to be ahead of the next trends and to find the way for your products to stand out in a highly saturated market where the big brands are constantly producing similar and cheap versions of more expensive and quality products.

When visiting the trade fairs, everything looks the same, nothing is new. It’s generally uninspiring and boring and very hard to find the diamond in the rough.

That’s why we source and hand select, quality, unique and in demand products or manufacture your designer items from concept to delivery.

One off, exclusive pieces are the hook. Your customers will be drawn in, they may not buy that piece but they will come in, investigate, and remember what you had on offer. They will tell their friends.

That business- StellaJane Interiors or insert your business name has really different, uncommon and beautiful furniture, artwork, décor and things for the home. Your customers will come back to see what’s next, and they will be quicker to buy. This big reaction comes from a small and regular investment in eye catching product.

Do you know the furniture or product that you need for your market? Do you have an idea? Do you want to design your own furniture? Make your mark, be different! We can make this happen for you. We will help design and manufacture your furniture.

Or you can buy WHOLESALE from our exclusive range of furniture art and home wares. Request our catalogue info@stellajaneinteriors.com.au

We are searching for like-minded brands and businesses or individuals to seek and find and make exclusive products for. Grow your business, take the next step.


StellaJane Interiors CLEARANCE

StellaJane Interiors Clearance

50% OFF YES 50% OFF JUNE 1 to JUNE 30


StellaJane Interiors has been at 337 Toorak Road South Yarra for almost 12 months. We have done the 4 seasons.

Demolition for the new apartment blocks has commnenced right next door.  It’s been very dusty and noisy and soon the building works will start…Today the first day of winter…

To all our lovely customers we invite you to 337 Toorak Road South Yarra in the month of  June. CLEARANCE

We are clearing out everything at 50% OFF

Purchase paintings, cushions, chairs, mirrors, bowls, jewellery, lamps, decor, floor rugs, bookcases, consoles, petrified wood, lanterns, ottomans and home decor all at 50 % OFF!

Our lease is finished and we have decided it’s time to move… but not very far. We love this area and will be back again in September.

Over the next 2 months, its time to refresh and revive and go shopping of course!

StellaJane Interiors will continue growing our wonderful eclectic evolving glamorous  style. We look forward to bringing our customers more of the unusual and different pieces that you have shown us you love.

In the meantime you can find us online for any queries or stock purchases.

Stay warm in your hearts and we look forward to welcoming you all back in person at our next instore location.

See you in the springtime.


Jane and Jane

Outdoor Furniture Egg Chair

The Egg Chair

The Egg Chair came out of hiding for the easter holidays.

It’s too big too fit through the door into the shop. We placed it in front of the store for all to see. It was just near the tramstop so a few people had a seat!

This stunning piece of weather resistant outdoor furniture is perfect for the leisure lifelstyle.

Made from Synthethic Rattan with custom made cushions.

Create a Noosa or Bali or Byron Bay lifestyle

Sunny days, the beach the pool and family and friends for the good times.

Find you sunny spot and curl up with a book. Snuggle in with your kids or you special someone. This similiar piece sells at a well known furniture store for $7,000!!!

We are offering it at $3,000. It is a one off piece, perfect outdoor furniture by the pool, on the beach house deck, or on a sunny verandah; catch some rays with a afternoon drink in hand.

Relax in the Egg Chair, it’s for you. For further information or a viewing Contact info@stellajaneinteriors.com.au





DOORS OPEN 10.00am

We are cleaning out the warehouse to make some space!


Large items will be sacrificed!

DOORS OPEN 10.00am

All Mirrors are 30% off. All Chairs are 30% off. All Bookcases are 30% off. All Paintings are 30% off. All Carpets 50% off. Cushions up to 30% off. All Tables 20% off.All lamps 20% off. All pots 20% off!

Many unique and gorgeous pieces at irresistible prices.

Saturday March 31st SALE ENDS AT 5.00PM

Gifts and homewares for all things bright and beautiful 

We have stocked up for Christmas gifts and have many unusual and specials gifts for you to share and enjoy with your family and friends.

Its that time of year, its gone so fast and here we are nearing another ending and a fresh beginning.

As many of you will know we are the victorian agent for the gorgeous Italian glassware Mario Luca Guisti. You can choose or order from the complete range at StellaJaneinteriors


We also have gift vouchers available online and instore.


Thank you!

We are grateful for your smiles and compliments and supporting our little dream in South Yarra.

Jane and Jane

StellaJane Interiors. www.stellajaneinteriors.com.au

Christmas Trading hours

Our extended trading hours now include Thursdays until 8.00pm and Sundays 11.00 until 4.00pm.


We love giftwrapping and have a delivery service for the larger items.

Our little elves will giftwrap your online purchases just request it in the notes section and it will be done!

Check out our Libby Watkins beautifully worked cushions.  These cushion designs are fron Libby’s original paintings!