Have you been searching for a long time? Finding the right chest of drawers for the bedroom, is not as easy as it would seem!

This essential piece of furniture is not a purchase to rush into. Every time you open a drawer, every time you look at your chest of drawers, you want to smile and know that you made a good decision and will be happy with your choice for a long time.

Over the years I have searched far and wide for ‘different’ and very specific furniture for discerning clients and in the process have researched hundreds of chest of drawers.

The elusive chest of drawers has very specific characteristics and we know what’s out there! If you need some help; we know what it takes to find the perfect piece of furniture for your room.

Here are some things to consider on your hunt for the perfect chest of drawers.

Does it work?

Is the drawer unit steady, does it stand tall with no shakes? And importantly do the drawers slide in and out easily? This is important as you don’t want to brace yourself for a struggle every time you open your chest of drawers!

It has to look good in the space

Are you looking for a chest of drawers that’s made in specific materials or with a particular finish? In my clients case we have decided on a finish with lustre and shine. These drawers will be seen as you enter bedroom and need to compliment both the colours, the textures and the ambiance of the room.

  • Consider the colour of your room?
  • Do you have lots of wood in the room already?
  • What colour is the wood?

Timber is commonly used in making chests of drawers and indeed most quality furniture. It is very versatile, sturdy and long lasting and depending on the wood that you choose, it can age beautifully.  Wooden chests of drawers work well in contemporary and traditional interiors.

Helpful tip

If a wooden chest of drawers is what you are looking for; choose the dominant wood tone in the room and work out if it is a warm or cooler tone of wood- this can help you choose the wood tones of other furniture pieces to bring in the room.

  • What sort of feel do you want?

A touch of Hollywood, A Scandinavian feel, white and bright. Do you like black all streamline with no pull handles? Do you like brass handles, or ceramic handles. If the detail is important to you, there are many different options available.

If a timber finish is not what you are looking for, there are also many other unique materials to choose from; here are just a few!

  • Shell or bone inlay chests
  • Mirror finishes
  • Highly glossed 2 pack acrylic paint
  • Designer painted finishes

A chest of drawers has to fit

Everyone’s space is different and therefore size really does matter! It needs to be wide enough to fit comfortably along the wall. It also should be in an area where you are able to stand and easily pull out the drawers. Can you walk around it without tripping on its legs, or catching yourself on the corners?

How many drawers do you need?

Do you want a tall boy (my preference)? A tall boy is typically narrower and has 4 or more drawers. This style of drawers works well to provide lots of storage without taking up too much floor space.

There are many combinations of storage and drawer space to choose from when searching  for the right a chest of drawers for the bedroom- 2 drawers, 4 drawers, 5 drawer chests and 6 or 7  and 8 or more drawer chests. Some chests come with smaller drawers at the top to fit personal items in and larger drawers at the bottom which can be used to store more bulky winter jumpers or even linen and blankets.

Storage can always be used, and when considering drawers, think about what you would put in the chest of drawers and how you will organise the contents. More is more with storage and inevitably we all need more storage space!

For some people it is very difficult to choose a new piece of furniture- StellaJane Interiors takes the pain out of endless searching for the perfect piece, whatever you are looking for!  We have done the research and have a huge repertoire of suppliers and the expertise to help you make a decision that you will be happy with! We can even custom make furniture to meet your specific needs.

In the meantime happy shopping and if you need help send us your requirements and we will contact you to find your perfect piece!

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