Andri Permana On the Runway

Last Thursday night,

As part of independent runways program the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival; StellaJane Interiors attended Andri Permana’s fashion collections debut.

Solely created, funded and produced by the Tom and Andri team, the Fashion show itself was an outstanding event. It was a friendly, enthusiastic and authentic.

The garments were exquisite but I will get to that…

Setting the mood with a smile and glass of very good Australian Balgownie Estate sparkling wine…promised a wonderful night ahead.

The well lit foyer and entry featured Andri Permanas’ logo on the walls. Many of guests, myself included smiled and posed while the cameras clicked paparazzi style.

In the second event room positioned back to back along the centre of the long room, chairs seperated the two runways.

Waiting eagerly, champagne in hand guests whispered excitedly as the anticipation built in the mood lit room.

At the front of the runway was a large AP Andri Permana logo… and then it started… with a gracious acknowledgment of the traditional custodians of the land.

The beautiful models were a representation of ‘normal’ not size 6!  20 models; both male and female with attitude, walked the walk!

The clothing is original, it is refined, wearable and colourful. Andri’s use of colour is focused and visionary-


He uses silks and natural fabrics that float and flow as you walk, structured design, yet soft lines that allow the femineity, long dresses, sexy sleeves, ribbons and men in black lace shirts. Trousers with elastic at the back- these clothes are comfortable, simply beautiful and dreamy.



Audiences were literally gasping as the models walked the clothing.

Subtle references to Andri’s Indonesian heritage play out in batik sashes and linings that add an exotic and cultural backstory to the designer garments.  Applique beading, silk ribbons and the tease of a leg or a shoulder peeping through the fabric, bring sexy into sophisticated!- These clothes are exquisite in their finish with brave and accessible colours.

The citron silk off the shoulder gown- breathtakingly beautiful.


Taking the show to next level… Making space between the two collections saw Lukas White- choreographer and contemporary performer, dance and move between the runways.

Such a brilliant idea and executed so well!


In this collection of over 50 original designs, Andri transcends expectations to create a masterful collection.

His body of work is tunnel vision original, extensive and worthy of any catwalk in Paris!




My prediction is that next time tickets will be very hard to come by and celebrities will be wearing Andri Permana on the red carpet.

Congratulations Andri!

Find him at


By Jane Searle

StellaJane Interiors