Jungalow Style

StellaJane Interiors is a big fan of the Jungalow Style of Interior Designer Justina Blakeney.

In an interview by LA based writer Laura Lambert; Justina describes her style as “Color, pattern, and plants are at the core of what it is that defines my style.”

Photo credit: Dabito

Justina interprets individual style and how it influences our living spaces in our home as

“For me, creating a home isn’t about wealth, it’s about creativity and being able to tap into your own personal taste and your own vibe. It’s the home that lights you up and supports you and your family and your dreams and how you want to be.”

Bring the outdoors in with plants and pots and textures. Mix your colour pallets and patterns, work what you love and you will be amazed at how it all fits together and creates a unique style and visual statement that reflects back all the colour and the living and the being that is truely you.

StellaJane Interiors embraces raw and natural materials with the fine and detailed craftsmanship that creates wonderful pieces. We love to offer products that have been inspired by nature and tradition and global ethnic design. Add a touch of gold or silver and we take this bohemian junglow style into hollywood.

We have just uploaded  great products that we think fit right into Junglow style.