Design your own furniture

Looking for like-minded businesses.

Big brands do not apply.

Who you are? You are not mainstream. You have vision. You have style. You have ideas. You make things happen.

What’s your business? Gallery style home-wares, Property Styling, Stylist, Furniture Store, Interior Designer, Renovator, New restaurant, new hotel

OR you are looking for a special piece.

We are searching for like-minded brands and businesses to seek and find and make exclusive products and furniture for. We can help you design your own furniture range.

Consistently ahead of trends StellaJane Interiors applies refined aesthetic, functionality and quality in the sourcing and producing of new product.

In this competitive market, it’s about being nimble in an ever changing environment and finding those core items, products and materials that people want again and again.

It’s really difficult to be ahead of the next trends and to find the way for your products to stand out in a highly saturated market where the big brands are constantly producing similar and cheap versions of more expensive and quality products.

When visiting the trade fairs, everything looks the same, nothing is new. It’s generally uninspiring and boring and very hard to find the diamond in the rough.

That’s why we source and hand select, quality, unique and in demand products or manufacture your designer items from concept to delivery.

One off, exclusive pieces are the hook. Your customers will be drawn in, they may not buy that piece but they will come in, investigate, and remember what you had on offer. They will tell their friends.

That business- StellaJane Interiors or insert your business name has really different, uncommon and beautiful furniture, artwork, décor and things for the home. Your customers will come back to see what’s next, and they will be quicker to buy. This big reaction comes from a small and regular investment in eye catching product.

Do you know the furniture or product that you need for your market? Do you have an idea? Do you want to design your own furniture? Make your mark, be different! We can make this happen for you. We will help design and manufacture your furniture.

Or you can buy WHOLESALE from our exclusive range of furniture art and home wares. Request our catalogue

We are searching for like-minded brands and businesses or individuals to seek and find and make exclusive products for. Grow your business, take the next step.