Silky Silk Pillow cases

Let’s breakdown all the hype and find out why so many people are raving about the benefits of sleeping on silky silk pillowcases.

One of silks benefits compared to a standard cotton pillow case, is that absorbs way less moisture. Cotton pillowcases are more inclined to draw out moisture and natural oils while you sleep. Silk pillowcases allow the opportunity of retaining all health benefits of a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Sleeping on silk promotes more youthful and dewy skin, and shiny hair that is less frizzy and dry and damaged!

Sounding good?

Silk, natural fibre, absorbs much less moisture and dirt. This is one of the reasons that people with skin problems such as acne or eczema recommend silk pillowcases. There is significantly less friction on the skin which means you won’t wake up with those deep hard creases left in your face.

For people where skin is less resilient and more sensitive, a silk pillowcase allows the face to glide over the surface, cradling it gently, rather than rubbing it harshly as you move in your sleep.

For those of us blessed with fine frizzy mains, a silky silk pillowcase is an ideal surface for laying down our locks. There is much less friction for the hair and this creates less fuzz.  Say goodbye to hair tangles and hair breakage and hello to smoother more silky and healthy looking hair.

The main benefits of sleeping on a Silky silk pillowcases.

  • A silk surface creates less friction on the skin and the hair, preventing irritation and damage.
  • Silk has natural anti-microbial qualities which promote a cleaner surface to sleep on.
  • Silk is less drying for hair and skin as it does not absorb as much moisture as thicker cotton and like fabrics.
  • Feel the difference of a luxury silk pillowcase that may help you to wake up fresh and vibrant.
  • Silk naturally regulates temperature (doesn’t get hot) and is breathable fabric
  • The natural fibres are hypoallergenic making silk more resistant to mould, dirt, dust and other allergens that accumulate on regular pillowcases.
  • Silk is a luxury product and when you have slept on a silk pillowcase you will understand why. Silk pillowcases are soft and luxurious and natural.
  • The silky silk pillowcases at StellaJane Interiors are made from 100%silk and nontoxic dyes. The weight of the silk is chosen for its luxury feel and weight.

Try a silky silk pillow case today and feel the difference. A boxed silk pillowcase can be a single silk pillowcase or a set of silk pillow cases. These beautifully presented silk pillowcases make a wonderful gift for Christmas or birthdays.  Your friends and family will be thrilled and thankful to receive this long lasting and quality and luxurious silk gift. StellaJane Interiors offers a mid- range price point for a quality silk pillowcase.

Would you like to know more about silk and its benefits and how its is made

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