Do you have a burning desire for scented candles? Discover your favourite fragrance and choose from 7 scented candles from Tom Andri & Co or choose a candle scent from the evocative and ultimate luxury  French designer brand- Christian Lacroix.   Shop the range.

Did you know that a human nose has about 400 different types of scent receptors that are able to detect at least 1 trillion different odours!!!!!

These days, it’s become popular to create a mulit sensory environment in living spaces and  luxury scented candles add another dimmension to your visual and olofactory experience. Candles create moods, evoke feelings and conjure memories; and they smell great!  With so many candle choices; StellaJane Interiors has a fine selection of luxury candle brands that look special and smell beautiful. Tom Andri lifestyle scented soy candles are well priced, beautifully packaged and smell wonderful. French brand Christian Lacroix debut in white porcelaine embossed vessels with evocative perfume scented candles.

When you are buying a candle it is not just about the candle itself- the vessel containing the wax mould in is also a consideration. How will that look in my home? Can I re-purpose the candle vessel, is it packaged for gift giving? When is the right occasion to give a candle gift?

Candles are a loved lifestyle gift for young and old. Most people have scent preferences and a candle fragrance can become your own signature scent. Your friends and family will remember not only the aroma of your home but the feeling that they get when they come to visit.

Giving the gift of a boxed luxury scented candle is perfect for housewarmings, kitchen teas, and presents for teachers, gifts for neighbours and a present to say thank you. Scented candles are occasion gifts to have in the cupboard just in case. A boxed and beautifully packaged scent candle will always be welcome!

There are candles to suit almost any scent preference- vanilla scented candles or lime, or citrusy candles, heady floral scents, earthy scents, there are so many different aromas to choose.

The perfumes used in candles can be described like wine. A sophisticated candle scent is created generally with three levels of fragrance. The top, central and base notes. Top notes are at the top and are the very first aroma to noticed, the central fragrance notes fill the space, while the base notes can often be more persuasive and dominant and develop over the candle burn time. Choosing a fragrant candle from the TomAndri &Co range is easy! The Soy based candles have evocative fragrance descriptions that will help you to find the right candle for your lifestyle.

Pure soy fragrance candles by Tom Andri & Co are inspired by scents from around the world and boast an impressive range of wonderful smelling candle scents.

Choose from a selection of beautifully boxed, hand poured candles created for your lifestyle. Find your place in the world and discover and savour the beautiful fragrances that are your life.

100% natural soy wax and lead free wicks.


Lemongrass and Burnt Fig

Adventure into the unknown surrounded in the ripeness of figs and fragrant, bursting cassis berries. Add the crispness of lemongrass and the mind becomes alive with potential and possibilities.


Sandalwood and Patchouli

Arouse your inner hunter, and immerse yourself in woody sandalwood and sweet and earthy patchouli. Lemon and ginger notes freshen like a jungle breeze.


French Pear and White Tea

Afternoon tea anyone? White crisp tablecloths, flowers and sunshine. Making sweet memories to the tantalising fragrance of baked French pear and the soothing aroma of steaming hot tea All this for your Darling.


Vanilla and Frangipani

Evoking the magic of Pretty wildflowers, birds and gardens, innocent and carefree days. Jolie is a Pretty fragrance full of vanilla softened with sweetness of frangipani, add the spicy bergamot for Très Jolie!


Vanilla Coconut and Ginger

Create a delicious and dreamy ambience with Koko. Ignite your senses in the rich caramel and vanilla tones, notes of sweet and creamy tropical coconut and ginger conjure up lazy days and the warm and relaxing vibes.


Passionfruit and Lemon

Ignite your passion with the tangy and sweet aromas of passionfruit and lemon. The dash of orange adds a perky and lively and fun layer to this fruity candles scent.


Jasmine and Frangipani
Find your tropical paradise, swoon into the intoxicating perfume of Jasmine and frangipani with a burst of citrus these are the scents of Bali, a tropical paradise condensed into one of Tom Andri & Co’s most exotic candles.

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