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Wall clock, kitchen clock, flock with numbers, classic clock, wedding present, engagment presents, house warming gift

Florrie Wall Clock

We are getting ready for the new stock arriving- and spring cleaning the shop!

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A Brief History of Clocks.

There is no one single person who “invented” the clock. It has had many different incarnations. The Sundial, method of using the sun to tell the time was one of the oldest forms of clock, appearing  3,500 BC. The Egyptions invented the water clock around 1400 BC. Then there was a sand clock- an hourglass.  Peter Henlein, invented the Spring powered clock in 1510 and  Galileo invented pendulum clock in 1581 . John Harrison, a carpenter built a sea clock called the Chronometer.

The world’s oldest working clock was built in 1386 and is still ticking away at Salisbury Cathedral in the United Kingdom.  It strikes the hour on a bell.

Scientists discovered quartz crystals kept more accurate time than pendulum style clocks in the 20’s
Then came atomic clocks built with such accuracy that they are out by one second every 300 million years.

Now days the International Atomic Time is kept by 300 atomic clocks around the world. This records earth’s time within microseconds of solar time.

Interestingly because the rotation of earth is slightly irregular and slowing down gradually,  a leap second has to be added occasionally. This gives us the world standard time known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


Wall clock, kitchen clock, flock with numbers, classic clock, wedding present, house warming gift

London Clock company, White Square Wall Mantel Clock

Clocks, Wall clocks, wedding gifts, engagement gifts

London Clock Company, Wall Clock



Jane’s in the Jungle

BorobudurHere we are in Jepara on the north coast of JAVA. We made the most of the 5 hour journey  stopping on the way at  the world’s biggest Buddhist monument,  Borobudur temple, considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders. The temple is  majestic, seated on a hilltop surrounded by lush green fields and distant mountains. Built in the 9th century, it’s huge  measuring 123 x 123 meters and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.

We were told by the hotel concierge to touch the buddahs hand and make a wish- not so easy… there are 504 buddah statues- one only, left with hands! The buddhas are housed in are in little stupas. The only way to touch the hand- would be to have an extra extra long arm and climb ontop of the stupa and there were some very nice security guards watching…

We did consider this, but were grateful just to be in this amazing place.IMG_4697

“The architecture and stonework is outstanding , built without using any kind of cement or mortar! The structure is like a set of massive interlocking Lego blocks held together without any glue.”

The temple was rediscovered in 1815, buried under volcanic ash. In the 1970’s the Indonesian Government and UNESCO worked together to restore Borobudur. The restoration took eight years to complete and today Borobudur is one of Indonesia and the world’s most valuable treasures.

You can find our more here http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/592

Back to work! We are here to check on the progress of our furniture in development.

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It’s exciting to finally see our visons being realised in such a professional way. It’s a long process from concept to delivery with a big dose of  FAITH.  We couldn’t be more happy! We have met some wonderful partners and our  furniture range is coming together piece by piece.  We have also found some very unique products that we cant wait to share with you. It’s getting closer and we will keep you updated.


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