Statement Wall Piece, Contemporary Wall Art

It’s a wonderful life…

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‘It’s a wonderful life ‘ conjures up so many feelings of joy, happiness, pride and love. All of the light, balanced with the texture and the richness that becomes and is a wonderful life.


Mostly we know what we like and what we are attracted to and what works for us in our daily lives. Expressing ourselves in our homes and living spaces, is a way of having a little bit of wonderful in our lives everyday.

Things are not just things.

They become evocations of feelings, powerful visual images, design pieces that bring a sense of beauty and purpose as well as admiration and gratitude at every gaze.

I live in a small 1930’s art deco apartment.  Each of my things are featured against a painted antique white wall. On one wall to right of the fireplace is a huge piece of wall-art- a statement piece.

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Wall art

Each time I come into the room, I look at it and bask in the textured azure blues, my favourite colours! I smile at the white seagulls rising up and caw caw cawing, in the wind.

I love this painting, it expresses so much about what I love, the wildness of nature, freedom, blue skies and beaches- it brings back memories of magic times.

This large canvas is the WOW factor in my living space. It is a statement of my wonderful life. I like it! And that’s the important thing.

It gives me pleasure every time I see it.

When we are brave and choose what we  love because we love it- our individual style will shine through. Expressing our special something- through thoughtful choices in our own interiors, expresses who we are; confident, comfortable and happy in our own wonderful lives.

There is a magnificent huge white-washed wooden bowl at It’s substantial. A heavy, solid piece to keep forever.  Imagine filling this bowl with shiny fresh seasonal fruit for your family and friends. It’s a bountiful bowl to share your abundance. A beautiful bowl to create memories from.

Express your own wonderful life in the things that you surround yourself with. Put away the ordinary and celebrate your unique style with the extraordinary.

Large Fruit Bowl, centrepiece, house-warming present, engagement present

Large White Wash Wooden Teak Bowl