Wholesale and Product Sourcing

For wholesale and curated product sourcing that stand outs above the rest.

Are you a retailer of furniture and home wares?

Do you want your products to stand out and be different? We know what it takes to succeed in this crowded market and will share it with you.

We are in the know…the best manufacturers, the best suppliers of unique products.

Do you style properties, need the edge?

Know exactly the furniture you need to pull off the incredible interior of home that will sell the property? We can design and make it for you.

Are you looking to furnish your home?

Do you want those hard to find pieces. It could be a petrified wood dining table for 8 with custom made chairs. Out door furniture, side tables, daybeds, stools, consoles, bedside tables, ladders, stone basins for your new bathroom…

You know what you want!?

We will find it or make it for you.



All homes need ART. We have the best supplier for orignial art and very reasonable prices.

You can even submit your favorite photo and we will get it hand painted on a canvas made to your size requirements.

Mirrors- just ask? We have all shapes and sizes and different frames.

Lamps- Australian compatible.

Wait to you see what we can source!!!

Are your a restaurant, a hotel, a cafe?

Do you need 10 tables and 40 chairs. Do you need a sculpture that takes your breath away.

We are in the know…the best manufacturers, the best suppliers of unique products.

Escorted buying trips that are fun when…we have done all the hard work for you.

We have walked in the mud, gone to the jungle, negotiated, driven around for days and tried and tested new suppliers.

We have found the quality manufacturers and products and we want to share them with you.

All you have to do is the buying, and we know you are good at that!

We will look after the manufacturing process.

The quality control, the packing and shipping and customs.

We will even get it delivered- door to door.


Most importantly we will do it in style and have fun!

Join us for the tour, we will take care of everything, flights, a private driver lovely hotels, fabulous restaurants.

It will be luxurious, cultural, and deliver products that will sell or furniture and decor for your home.  Our trusted locals will share their knowledge take us on a magical tour of JAVA.

Tell us what you need for the next tour.

For further information and bookings please call Jane Searle Director at StellaJane Interiors or a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.

M 0409005584 E stellajaneinteriors.com.au

Please call Jane on M:0409005584.