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Wooden Deer Head



Solid Teak wood

Wall fixture

Hand carved

Unique pieces

Natural colour


Large 60 x 40 x 30




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Wooden Deer Head

This  magnificent Deer Head is Made from teak wood. The  wooden deer head is a sculptural piece of  wall art  celebrating the beauty of the deer.

Available in small or large size, this beautiful example of hand worked wood carving is made out of teak wood. The soft natural colour will work in with most room decors. This wooden deer head can be mounted on a wall in your holiday house, your cabin or you principal home. It is also a great statement piece for apartment living where this  simple signature piece is sure to warm your heart and evoke forests and savannahs’ where the deer roam free.

All male deer are referred to as bucks, but a large male deer is sometimes referred to as a stag.

Antlers are exaggerated male secondary sexual characteristics intended primarily for reproductive success through sexual selection and for combat. The tines (forks) on the antlers create grooves that allow another male’s antlers to lock into place. This allows the males to wrestle without risking injury to the face.  The heavier the antlers, the higher the deer bucks status in the social hierarchy. Males with larger antlers tend to be more aggressive and dominant over others and tend to have a higher reproductive urgency. They are very handsome!

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Dimensions 40 x 30 x 20 cm

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