Round, Wooden Teak Cheese Board, House Warming Gifts, Engagement Presents

Round Wooden Teak Cheese Board



Round Teak Cheese Board

Perfect accompaniment to your wine and cheese nights

Preparation board


40cm x 40cm

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Round Wooden Teak Cheese Board

This round wooden teak cheese board will ensure food displays look delectable when served on this beautiful Round Teak Wooden Cheese Board. This board is the perfect accompaniment to your wine and cheese nights. It also can double as a preparation board.

This Individually hand-crafted teak cheese board have softer cutting surfaces than most boards, which ensures your knives enjoy superior longevity.

A great board suitable all your entertaining needs. A great house warming gift.

About Teak

Teak is especially noted for its capacity to withstand changes in the weather and season. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the Teak to bend, but not break, in the face of high winds.

The Teak tree resin typically has an oil in its Galih (Cambium/heartwood) that is highly water resistant. This content alone can protect the Teak from decay, insects, and bacteria. At the same time, the combination of unique Teak tree content and thick fibers make it easier to cut and then later sculpt into pleasing forms.


40cm x 40cm


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