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Ceramic Decorative Platter



  • Ceramic Green Glazed Platter
  • Decorative piece


  • 40cmD x 11cmH

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Ceramic Decorative Platter

This round green glazed ceramic decorative platter, features an earthy green colour slipping into the golden brown tones. It can be used as a decorative piece or as a bowl for fruit etc.

We just adore the lovely glossiness of the finish which is reminiciant of the Majolica style also spelled Maiolica – is the beautiful ware prepared by tin-glazing earthenware and firing it a second time.
“After the first firing, the bisque is dipped into a bath of fast drying liquid glaze. When dry, the glazed piece is ready to be hand painted. A final firing at 1690° Fahrenheit will make the glaze interact with the metal oxides used by the painter to create the deep and brilliant translucent colors specific to majolica. Read more about this style of pottery items here.”

The difference between Pottery, Ceramics and Majolica, with special regard to Italian Ceramics

Style Tip: Place this beautiful bowl in the middle of a dining table, fill with fruit, or place on a side table where it can catch the light and you can admire the platter as the beautiful piece that it is.


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Dimensions 40 x 40 x 11 cm